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MYSTORE®, a brand of My Lumens Group, provides pioneer Far UVC solutions
revolutionizing the way bacteria, virus ,fungi are inativated and disinfected on occupied spaces.

Our devices can be widely applied in medical institutions,farm,schools, hotels, offices, and other places,
providing you with efficient, safe, and reliable disinfection solutions.Make the world healthier and better.


Disinfection the airborne and surface on occupied space

How to improve the cleanliness and the environment of public places? How do we ensure the health and safety of ourselves?

MYSOTER® filtered Far UVC 222nm technology which has been widely used for airbone and surface disinfection can quickly inativates viruses,bacteria, fungi and disinfects on occupied spaces,improving the cleanliness.

MYSOTER® technology does not require the use of any chemical disinfectants, does not produce harmful substances. Contact us to learn more.

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Small and portable, irrational angle adjustable,one device can sterilize the entire room with 222nm UVC. Plug and play, various installation methods.

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Universal downlight size,easy to install without rewiring,quickly replace the original downlight. Equipped with indirect lighting technology , can illuminate while sterilizing.

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Universal panel light size,easy to install without rewiring, illuminate and sterilizing same time. Equipped with indirect lighting technology, high brightness and large area lighting.

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Surface installaion and hoisting installation, suitable for both high and low ceiling. Equipped with indirect lighting technology , can illuminate while sterilizing.

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Disinfection for special vehicles, light and thin,built-in anti-vibration EVA layer protection, using aviation plug, anti-vibration and anti-loose.

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Why us


The surface layer of human and mammalian skin and eyes is composed of dead cells. The 222 nm ultraviolet ray is highly absorbed by the protein of dead cells on the surface layer, so it will not reach the depth of the skin.

The dose of 222 nm spectrum as low as 1.2~1.7 mJ/cm2 can kill 99.9% of the new coronavirus in the air. Under certain distance conditions, 99.9% of the virus can be killed within 3 seconds of effective time.

In 2013, Professor David Brenner, director of the Radiology Research Center of Columbia University School of Public Health, discovered that 222nm spectrum can be used as a disinfection measure for human safety, and proved its effectiveness and safety through experiments.

In 2018, Professor David Brenner published a paper on the 222nm spectrum in the authoritative scientific journal Nature, confirming that 222nm does not harm skin and eyes.

In 2020, Professor David Brenner published a peer-reviewed paper in the journal Nature again, confirming that 222nm can effectively inactivate coronavirus and is safe for human body.

The RNA/DNA of microorganisms such as viruses and bacteria absorbs the ultraviolet energy of 200-280 nm, thus inhibiting its replication and reproduction. The far ultraviolet disinfector continuously emits 222 nm ultraviolet rays, which have been confirmed by research institutions such as Columbia University to be harmless to human and mammalian skin and eyes, and will not cause canceration or ultraviolet burns.

It is recommended to install it in hospitals, banks, hotels, airports, subways, schools, libraries, elevators and other public areas where human-machine disinfection is required.

This product has been used all over the world. The collection of installation cases can be viewed on the official website.

This product is a professional disinfection equipment. Please install and use it under the guidance of professionals. The number of products installed varies due to the different height and room area. Generally, B1 module can cover around 15-20m²,B2 module can cover around 25-30m².

CE, PSE, UKCA, CTICK,RoHS,IEC62471 (safety certification)
Related reports:
Safety: clinical test reports of more than 5 years in Japan, safety test reports of the United States, Japan and Europe;
Effectiveness: Covid-19 germicidal report of South Korea, germicidal efficacy report of Guangzhou Microbiological Center, and dozens of germicidal efficacy reports from abroad.

This product is guaranteed for one year, with the option of paying for extended warranty service; The normal service life of the product is 3-5 years (the service life of 222 nm light source is 10000 hours of operation time). After the service life expires, the whole lamp needs to be replaced, and the light source cannot be replaced temporarily.

Small batch orders can be delivered within 1 week, and the order period needs about 1 month when the order quantity exceeds 100 units.

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