Universal panel light size without rewiring. Equipped with indirect lighting technology, the light is even and soft.


  • Ceiling installation, beautiful, do not destroy the sense of environmental design.
  • Can directly replace the original lamps, simple installation and construction, low cost.
  • Adding the LED indirect lighting function, sterilization and lighting at the same time.
  • LED indirect lighting technology is very friendly to the eyes, making the eyes less likely to fatigue.
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Composition of far UV-C lamp

mysoter’s Far UV-C lamp consists of a tube filled with a gas called krypton chloride. This gas has the unique property of emitting UV-C-light at 222 nm when a discharge is applied to it. When the lamp is turned on, electricity creates a discharge that excites the gas and after a short period of time, UV-C light at 222 nm is emitted.

A Far UV-C lamp without a filter emits light in a narrow band around a 222 nm peak, but also releases secondary emissions around 235 nm and 250 nm. These extra wavelengths are known as side-bands or side-emissions. These wavelengths are harmful to humans, but the unique and patented safety filter in UV222 blocks them before they are emitted into the surrounding environment.

The safety filter technology in the lamp from Ushio care222 is a thin filter that only lets through light at around 222 nm and blocks all other unwanted radiation. It works much in the same way as sunglasses with UV protection, blocking the UV radiation from passing through and enterin

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Specifications of far UV-C lamp

Product model UV-Lunar222
Input voltage / Frequency AC100~240V / 50/60Hz
Power rating 45W
External dimensions/
Installation hole dimensions (mm)
595 x 595 x 100mm/595
Weight 43KG
Operation mode Occupied mode or unoccupied mode
Lighting mode LED lighting & UV irradiation / UV irradiation only / LED lighting only can
be operated by a switch
Wavelength/UV intensity 222nm/2.5mW/m2(D=50mm)

Application of far UV-C lamp

Disinfection For Varies Occupied Spaces


Food processing


Pet Hospital





Details of far UV-C lamp

◀ Patent Technology-USHIO Care222®
Unprecedented Safe And Reliable UVC
With an optical filter that blocks harmful wavelength

IOT Control System▶
Auto-running to ensure compliance with ACGIH
Safety specifications
▷▶TOF sensor(Time-of-flight sensor)
▷▶PIR sensor(Passive Infra-Red sensor)

Exposure time with MYSOTER Device for SARS-CoV2

1.This is not a result of any demonstration
In a real room.Disinfection efficacy
varies depending on usage
envrronment and irradiation conditions
2.The time required for virus
disinfection is calculated by the peak
irradiance in the irradiated area
3.Reference: Buonanno, et al.Sci.