MYSOTER®’s Far UVC technology is now being widely used in the healthcare industry

MYSOTER®’s Far UVC technology is now being widely used in the healthcare industry, providing a safer working and treatment environment for medical professionals and patients. Far UVC technology uses 222-nanometer UV-C light to kill bacteria and viruses in the air, including common pathogens such as COVID-19 and influenza viruses.
MYSOTER®’s Far UVC technology can be applied in hospitals, clinics, laboratories, and other medical facilities, effectively reducing the spread and infection risk of pathogens. This technology can be used in air purifiers, disinfection lamps, and other disinfection equipment to quickly and effectively disinfect airborne pathogens.
Unlike traditional UV-C technology, Far UVC technology’s wavelength is not capable of penetrating skin or eyes, making it safe for human use. The safety and effectiveness of this technology have been verified by multiple studies, and MYSOTER®’s Far UVC devices have been widely used and trusted by many medical professionals.
In the current context of the COVID-19 pandemic, the application of MYSOTER®’s Far UVC technology is particularly important. Medical institutions can use this technology to disinfect treatment and isolation areas, preventing virus transmission and infection. This technology can also be used in offices, stores, and other public places to help people work and live more safely.
MYSOTER® is committed to ensuring people’s health and safety through innovative technology, and the application of Far UVC technology is a part of our effort. We will continue to develop more advanced technologies to contribute to human health and well-being.

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